Thursday, July 10, 2008


My sweet little girl is getting so big! She is sitting well enough now that I am able to give her a bath in the big tub!! She has always enjoyed bathtime, but her baby bath was just getting a little snug! In the big bath she loves to play with her toys and talk to the rubber duckies! She also loves to get into crawling position and then go to her tummy! She loves to splash and kick! Leah also thinks it's really funny to try and pull up on the side of the tub!! Leah-Mommy wants you to pull up--but NOT in the bath tub!!!!!!

Over the last week or so, Leah has started babbling more! She says bababa, wawawa and her funniest word "whoa". She is obviously choosing the less traditional words such as mamama and dadada! I'm hoping those come soon, but for now, whoa is too cute!!

In other news, Leah tranistioned from lying to sitting today. Yes, she has been doing it for awhile now, but only on her right side. Today she did it on her left side!!! WOO HOO! I have to admit, I haven't been working with her on that as much as I should, so it really amazed me that she did it! She used lefty to balance and righty crossed over to push up! Yay!

She is still trying so hard to figure out how to pull up! It's hard for me to watch her struggle with it! If pulling up is anything like her other milestones, I know I have nothing to worry about--she'll get it with time! I just can't help but worry! It's my job.

P.S. Let me know your here! I love comments and would love to see who is checking up on Leah! So, if your here---drop me a comment! :)



Kiera Beth said...

She looks so cute in teh tub! I love all of the toys floating around with her!

North Dakota Ward's said...

Too cute!!! She is doing so well!!!

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm one of the moms Mary Kay emailed in regards to the annual Stroke Survivors picnic! I can't wait to meet you guys. Sounds like you are going through all the same things we did/are with Avery. And Leah seems to be doing SO WELL! Wow. I hope to email you soon so we can "talk" in more detail about our experiences!