Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It hasn't been that long since I last updated and yet I still get the calls..."You haven't updated your blog in so long."

So, for all of you Loyal Leah fans here is your update!

Last Friday, we had our first session of PT with the new therapist. She was great. My biggest issue with our other PT was that she didn't explain anything. The new PT, Nadine, explained everything nicely. She showed me some new exercises to do with Leah. She said the muscles in her heal are very tight, but that she does have full range of motion. Leah is also locking her knee when standing, which I knew already. I of course asked her about a brace and like everyone else she said it's too early to tell. She said there still is a possibility of her not needing one, but it's more likely that she will need one. I *think* I have come to terms with it, for now. I'm looking forward to working with this new therapist and I really like that her and my OT work together.

OT hasn't happened yet this week, we are doing Wednesday and Thursday this week. Our OT schedule has been changing weekly! Partly due to Leah's nap time change and partly due to starting Early Intervention and our OT's schedule. I'm hoping by next week we can have a set schedule, all this craziness usually ends up in either Lisa(ot) or I calling each other in the beginning of the week to rearrange our schedules! I'm hoping we can change OT to Monday and Wednesday and then have PT on Friday. That was it will give us a nice balance throughout the week.

Plus, this week going from Wednesday to Wednesday without have OT is really hard on us. Ok, it's hard on me! I find that I have built such a strong relationship with Lisa that when I don't see her I start to worry more. OK, I know--I'm crazy!!! It's kind of like when I was pregnant, I used to count down the days to the next doctors appointment, just so that I can hear the doctor tell me that everything is ok. When I don't see the OT, my mind starts to race and I start to think things are worse then they are, I honestly need her to tell me weekly, that things are ok. So, needless to say, this week has been emotional for me! Tomorrow, I'll see her and she'll see Leah and I know I'll just feel better. Really, I do know that I'm a bit psychotic and don't worry, Lisa knows that too!

In other news, I suppose it was a good thing our crib was recalled a few weeks ago. It meant that we needed to purchase a new crib. Well, when Avi put the crib together he set it too the lowest setting. I was not happy with this, because I didn't think she was ready to be that low yet. She wasn't pulling up and I just liked it higher. Anyway, today I put her in the crib and about 20 minutes later I can still hear her playing. So, I sneakily go check on her (making sure she doesn't see me) and I see her grabbed onto the side of the crib. She wasn't fully standing, but she had gotten to her knees! Yay, Leah!


Sarah said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I emailed you back from my work account, so be on the lookout (it may go to your junk folder or something!). :)