Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

On Thursday night, we went to go see fireworks! We went to a horse racing track to watch! It was an awesome firework show! I was worried how Leah would be, since the fireworks didn't even start until 9:30 and Leah goes to bed at 7:00!! Anyway, she did great!! She didn't get scared of the noise at all. Plus, she was up the entire time and only started to get really fussy half way through the fireworks--I don't blame her the firework show lasted 45 minutes! By the time we even got into the car to go home it was 10:30 and she was still awake!! Getting out of that parking lot was a nightmare, it took forever. We are normally about a half hour away from the race track and it took us nearly an hour to get home! Thankfully, Leah slept the whole way, got home, nursed and slept until 8:00 the next morning! She was so off this whole weekend.

Then on Friday, we went to the Parade. We all had a great time! Leah was too funny, she danced every time a band went by!!!

Here are some pictures from the parade:
After the parade, Leah fell right to sleep!


On a completely different note...

In the past month or so, we started giving Leah one bottle a day. I still nurse 95% of the time but I knew my supply was getting low at night and this was causing her to wake up all the time. We started supplementing with 4 ounces of formula before bed and she sleeps great now. Nursing exclusively for almost 9 months, Leah had no clue how to hold a bottle! Why should she? She never had to "hold" her food source before! She recently has started to grab the bottle by the bottom with her right hand and hold it like that. I think she is starting to realize that it's too hard to hold it with one hand, so the other night she held it with two! Open hand and everything!!! I was feeding her and called for Avi to get the camera--luckily we got the picture! I can't wait to show it to her OT this week!!