Sunday, July 6, 2008

A new type of Therapy

Last week, during our OT session, Lisa (OT) suggested a new type of 'therapy'. We are doing anything we can to create awareness in "lefty" so she told me that during dinner time that night to try something new and fun for Leah. We were told to put a yummy food (in this case pureed sweet potatoes and apples) onto lefty and to encourage Leah to bring that hand to her mouth. She also told us to put a bit on the tray and just let her play in it. She was doing great bringing it to her mouth, once we showed her there was food there! She licked her hand clean! She didn't love playing in the food--she just wanted to eat!

As you can see in the picture, lefty is nicely placed on the highchair tray!
We prepared for a mess and had Leah eat in just her diaper, Mommy fed her and Daddy ran the bath!