Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I thought I would share a couple of videos of Leah using lefty! She is still very unaware of it, but as you can see she is using it nicely!

In these videos, Leah is wearing an immobilzer with a sock over her hand. It is the same concept as a cast, but we take it off and put it on when we want too. Sometimes it works great and other times she figures out how to use her arm with it on.

In this video you will notice that I put a bell on her wrist, this is to increase awarness of that arm. It works nicely for short periods of time, if on for too long she will forget about it and/or become completly uninterested.

I also wanted to HIGHLY recommend this toy. It is a gumball machine from Fisher Price, our OT brings it to the house when she comes for Early Intervention. It is wonderful and Leah does GREAT with it!!!! It can be purchased on Amazon.com, I haven't seen it in stores as it is an older toy.


Kiera Beth said...

YAY Leah!!! That is great use of lefty! The end of the second video is so cute!

That is a great idea with the bell on the wrist. Where did you find that? We are trying to remind Reichen that he has the right hand and I think that would be really helpful!

North Dakota Ward's said...

YAY Leah! That is really great that she is getting more aware of "lefty". Our OT says that is the first step! Go Leah. I wonder where I can get the gumball machine, my DH would go nuts. But I need something with a lever on it. So he can put the balls in with lefty and then with righty the ball drops. We just got this piggy bank from FP and it is so fun. I will have to take a video of him.

Amanda said...

Keira--the bell is actually our physical therapists, we are borrowing it. She said she got it at a camping store and it is called a "bear bell". It is supposed to be worn on hikers backpacks to scare the bears away.

Suzanne--here is where you can get the gumball machine. http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Rounds-Swirlin-Surprise-Gumballs/dp/B0002YDPY2
Like I said, I HIGHLY recommend it! I am always searching for good toys to encourage use of lefty and this one is FANTASTIC!! As you can see she does great with it!!