Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...about the lack of blogging.

I have been really out of it lately, with a lot of things going on at home. I've been feeling a little down about where Leah is and about how the casting was going, so I have not been in the mood to blog.

Leah got out of the cast again Saturday night. We re-casted on Monday, only to cut it off and make it removable. I will get the bi-valved cast on Friday. I'm not thrilled with the idea of a removable cast, but for now it will have to work. I was not thrilled with the casting specialist at the practice we go too, and I would like to try to find someone else to do it. I'm not understanding why Leah is able to get out of the casts! I just don't think that should be happening. We don't have OT until Friday, then we will discuss what our options are. I was really looking forward to CIMT being a really positive experience and so far is has just made me really upset.

I'm going to try to get back into the blogging mode, soon!

This weekend I will be walking in the AHA Start! Walk...if you are able to donate please click the blue box to your right! Thanks! I hope to update after that, but we are going to be away Monday through Wednesday next week, so it may not be until later.


North Dakota Ward's said...

Sorry you have been down hun! I understand how much we are hoping for CIMT to fix things. I too have high hopes for it. Though even Sammy's doctor who highly recommends it says it doesn't FIX anything. So I don't know why I am hoping to see that.

I think that we will have highs and lows through all of this. Leah is doing great things just try to focus on what she can do.

I have missed your blog this week, but I know sometimes you just need a break!

I am thinking about you!

Barbara said...

I hope the meeting with your OT today was positive and helped to lift your mood.

I think you are fortunate a casting program is offered to Leah. It is really cutting-edge stuff. But it is not quick-fix stuff.

She just turned 1y/o. For a whole year her brain has organized around the use of one arm. This may not make you feel better, but could you give casting a one-year chance, give her other arm/brain connection the same time to work?

Kiera Beth said...

I am sorry to hear that it has been a rough time with casting. I too am surprised that they have not been able to figure out a way to get the cast to stay on. Did they give any reason why that has been the case?

I hope that the OT appointment went OK on Friday. Any news?

How was the AHA walk?

Enjoy your little break!

Amanda said...

Suzanne--Thanks! I appreciate the thoughts. As far as CIMT, "fixing" things, I knew it was going to fix anything--but I definitly had higher hopes for it then what it has become. I hope that in the next couple weeks we will be able to get this casting situation figured out!!!

Barbara-- Thanks. The meeting with my OT was very successful, I've mentioned it before, but we really do have a wonderful relationship. I trust her so much and I know she, too, only wants the best for Leah. I'm willing to give casting whatever chance it needs too (whether that is a year or just a few months), but for now, it just hasn't been working for Leah.

Keira- I can't tell you how many times I have brought up Reichen in the past week!!! I keep saying how he had a cast on for a month and Leah's won't even stay on for a week!! I just DON'T get it!!!

The solution that was discussed with our OT and I, is that we will use the bi-valved cast for now. Then on Monday, discuss a new casting schedule, which will probably be to re-cast fully the following Monday. My OT does not believe in casting fully for a month and we will always go in weekly to remove and place a new one on. I'm not sure I love this, but that's the way this clinic does it. Anyway, I'm hoping to get on a more rigourous casting schedule and really make this happen! I have seen such positive things from the short amount of time that Leah had it on. Her awareness is so much better! She is really attempting two handed activities, which she wouldn't do before!!

(Ok, I think I just wrote a blog post in the comments section! :)

As for the AHA walk--it's tomorrow (Sunday) morning!! I'm really looking forward too it and I reached my goal!!! YAY!!!!!

Amanda said...

Oh I forgot to mention, I requested a new person to cast. I wasn't a fan of the woman who casted Leah before. Hopefully the cast stays on better this time around!!