Monday, October 27, 2008

The "B" Word...

Last Friday we had PT, which we hadn't had in 2 weeks due to scheduling. Leah and I were both very excited to see the physical therapist. We started the session with Nadine, just watching Leah to see how she is doing and when Leah pulled up on the couch and started cruising, Nadine started to really watch intently. I thought I knew exactly what she was going to tell me... "She's still locking out her knee pretty bad"...except that wasn't the case!! What she actually said was "Her knee looks a lot better", YAY!! Ok, so I know it's not 100% better, because even I can see she prefers to lock her knee, but better is better and that's all we can ask for! THEN...Nadine asked me when we were going to have our next appointment with our Physiatrist, so I told her the middle of November, so she said oh that's soon, I'd like to send her an email to discuss a BRACE for Leah.


The "B" word.

We've been dealing with this for awhile now and I knew that dreaded "B" word was coming. I've tried to prepare myself, and I think I've done a decent job until Friday. I kept thinking it's way off and I don't have to think about it, but it's not so far off. I KNOW a brace will help Leah and I KNOW that a brace is not the end of the world. But, I also know that having a brace there will be a constant reminder of the fact that Leah is "different". Don't get me wrong, I'll do ANYTHING to help Leah and if a brace is what she needs then she will have a brace, heck she's gonna have the cutest, most stylish brace around! :) I know that after a few days of having a brace, we will all get used to it and it will be fine, but like the cast, it will just take sometime to get used too! I hope that the brace works well for Leah and that it helps her to do all the things a little girl is supposed too do!


On another note, Leah had an AWESOME OT session today. She is doing really well with the removable cast. I on the other hand have a really hard time finding the right time to put it on her and just putting it on her in general is very difficult! It's a tricky cast to get on her little fingers and hands! We won't have to worry about it for long, because she will be fully casted on Monday! Anyway, she was just rockin' today in OT, lefty was doing everything he was supposed too! Leah's movements were focused and smooth, she knew what she wanted to do and she used lefty to do it! She still has a very difficult time grasping things, but her being able to open her hand has improved immensely over the past few weeks. I know I'm all over the place with my emotions and the casting, but I just can't help but feel that overall this is a really good thing for her! I'm so happy to be in a really good place! :)

On a sad note, I took a really great video today in OT, and when I went to re-watch it I realized it didn't record! Boo...


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel; it's a tough concept to wrap your brain around. While you KNOW it's good for your kid, you also know it's going to draw attention and automatically make them different.

With Avery, we got her AFO first (started wearing it at night only)--it was big and clunky. BUT by the time we got the SMO (to wear during the day), it seemed so much smaller than the AFO, I barely noticed it.

And there are definite pluses to starting the brace early--kids can't make fun, it'll help her walk better sooner, and she may not need it when she's older.

Hang in there!!

North Dakota Ward's said...

You know we have struggled with the "B" word for since July. At first I didn't see a difference in his left leg. I noticed that his toes were "funky" on that side. Which that has actually pretty much went away with walking loosing up the tone. Anyways, now that he is walking, I know that he is walking well and most people wouldn't notice anything. But he does lock out his knee when he is standing back up. He used to lock it out a lot more, but now that he is more comfortable with walking he doesn't really do it much anymore while walking.....but when he is standing up......YIKES! Anyways, he also pronates his left foot too. Our doctor said the brace that a child starts with won't be the brace they have as an adult. We want to train them to position their foot/leg properly now, so they won't need surgery later and hopefully prevent any limps. I always think about you and Kiera and Barbara.....cause when it is your first I just think it would be harder. You guys are super moms, I am so impressed with all of you and how courageous you all are!!!

Abby said...

Hang in there, it will be okay. MY cousin had a stroke when she was a baby and has had a leg brace since she learned to walk. Hardly anybody has noticed to for a while now. Eventually it just became part of the way she looked and people stopped paying attention to it. Now the first thing people notice is not her leg brace but her big ol' grin!