Friday, October 10, 2008

Casting Update!

Leah is still doing great with the casting! She's getting around perfectly! I'm so pleased to see improvements in her awareness of her left hand. She is really trying to grab things and reach for things. I still see how difficult it is for her, but I love that without anyone initiating she will try by herself.

Leah has been getting really fast at cruising. She's really favors going to her right, because then she has to do less work with her left leg. Although, recently she is going both directions with ease. Next week we will put some knesio tape on the back of her knee to see if that helps with the knee locking. Leah's PT did say that the knee locking is looking better, but still there. Leah has also started to get on her riding toys! She has a lion that she loves to sit on and push the buttons to have it roar! I've been amazed that she started doing this with the cast on, I was really expecting the cast to throw off her balance. Anyway, Leah showed her PT how she was getting on the lion and her PT was very impressed. Leah is getting on from both directions. Which is so great because this means that when she gets on with her left leg over she is lifting her leg up and over and when she gets up with her right leg over she has to balance on her left. Both really good for her! Her PT who has never been the type to overly praise actually said to me today that Leah is looking great! What a nice thing to hear! I love her PT but she makes me a little more worry some then her OT, because she never gives me a clear answer to how Leah is doing, but not today!

Hopefully the cast will stay on until Monday, when we will remove it and cast again for another week! I see the cast is already slipping, so who knows if my sneaky little girl will be able to get it off!!


North Dakota Ward's said...

That is wonderful that you are ALREADY seeing great results. Keep us updates, would LOVE to see some pics and videos when you get a chance!