Thursday, May 22, 2008

Neurologist Appointment

Well, today Leah had her follow up appointment at the Neurologist. This was just to see how Leah has progressed and to make sure there was nothing new. Good news is, the Doctor said that Leah looks great! She once again confirmed that Leah's arm is tighter and more affected then her leg, but other then that she said there was nothing to worry about. She was quite impressed with Leah's clapping!! The video I posted is from a few weeks ago--now she claps at everything!! It amazes me everytime! Anyway, the Neurologist said she wants to see Leah again at a year and probably again at a year and a half, after that she said she most likely won't need to see her again. She did give me a recommendation to go see a rehab therapist. She basically said this would be another set of eyes. I think I am going to run it by Lisa (OT), I don't want to go against her, because I trust Lisa completly, so I will see what she says to do. On one hand it may be great to have another set of eyes to possibly catch something we have not, on the other hand it scares the daylights out of me. The thought that there could be "something else" is scary!! While at the Doctor today, we asked if she thought there was anything that Leah was really 'behind' on, she said maybe her speech. I have been worrying about this for a few weeks now, because Leah really isn't babbling as much as I think she should be. She definitly knows she has a voice and uses it, she also recently started using her hard "G" sound (gee, gaa, goo) but she it definitly no, mama, dada or baba sounds. I asked Lisa to ask a speech therapist and the ST said not to really worry until 10 months or so. The Neurologist wasn't worried at all and didn't really think she was "behind", but rather that there is such a big window of when babies should do certain things and Leah might just be in the later part of the window. All in all, I feel good about the visit today.


North Dakota Ward's said...

That is so wonderful that you have a team that you can really trust. Sammy sees a rehab doctor. He is wonderful. He is who we see about braces and talk to about constraint induced therapy. They wouldn't "find" anything else! You are just like me, worrying all the time. HAHA! Glad the appointment went well!

Amanda said...

I do always worry! I can't help it! :) About the rehab doctor--what's the difference between that and the OT/PT? Our OT was telling us about constraint and I figured the PT would tell us about braces? Does Sammy see all three? Good to know they won't "find" anything else! Thanks!

Kiera Beth said...

That is great news that Leah is doing so well! The different that was explained to me was the OT does fine motor and PT does gross motor. It is our OT who is helping us with constraint. There is some overlap - for example, both of them work with Reichen to get him to sit up.

We also have a physiatrist who is the one who coordinates all of the different therapies and answers our CP specific questions. We meet with him once a quarter.

We do not meet us our neuro on any set schedule. We would only see her if we have specific concerns that the physiatrist is not addressing.

Hope that helps! Leah looks great! She is adorable!

North Dakota Ward's said...

Kiera said exactly what I would of said. We have only met with the neurologist once. We will meet with the physiatrist a few times a year I am guessing. He is the best resource for us with therapies and different treatments that are available.