Monday, May 19, 2008

All Fours!!

Leah has been army crawling for about three weeks now. She is doing wonderfully with it, she knows what she wants and she goes and gets it. Of course, it's usually something she can't have--a piece of paper, the telephone, the remote control and her new favorite my feet! Her therapist is very impressed with Leah's use of "lefty" while she crawls. She is still having problems shifting her weight onto her left side, but manages to get her arm out 75% of the time. Weight shifting has always been Leah's biggest problem. She will try to shift onto her left side and over compensate by rolling over. Anyway, we have been working in therapy on getting her onto all fours. We grab her legs and she pushes up nicely on her arms--she just doesn't know where to go from there. She had yet to get up by herself, until today!! I was lying on the floor playing with her, she was on her tummy, and I looked over and there she was on all fours! Of course, I started jumping and cheering for her--which in turn scared the daylights out of her. None-the-less, she did it again a few minutes later! I always think when these things happen it's a fluke the first time, but a second time--she knows what she is doing! She still doesn't move, but it's a step! I can't wait to share with her OT!! I love bringing in good news!!!