Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doctors visit, Yogurt and Therapy --All in a days work!

Yesterday, I called the doctors office because over the weekend I notice that Leah has a rash on the back of her head. Leah has very sensitive skin and normally I wouldn't worry too much about a rash but this rash was on top of a pretty big bump! So, it made me nervous. Anyway, I called the doctor and he wanted me to come in today. We went in and he said it's a bit of excema and to just put some hydrocortisone on it, but if it gets worse to call. Easy enough, I am just glad it was nothing more. I don't want to take any chances anymore. While we were at the doctors, I asked about giving Leah yogurt. He said since she is almost 8 months old that it's not a problem, he also said I can try cottage cheese. Well, I went and bought the YoBaby yogurt. I got the pear/peach variety. I gave Leah a pear one for lunch and she LOVED it! She couldn't get enough. I'm thrilled to give her something else that she likes--since she is pretty picky when it comes to her food!

After her yummy lunch, we went to therapy. Leah really enjoys going to therapy, but boy do they work her hard! She always takes the best nap afterwards. I really think she enjoys going the most because she loves the waiting room. I seriously think she could sit there for hours watching all the children that come in and out of that place. When Lisa or Katie (OTs) come out to get us, Leah gets all concerned...she doesn't want to leave the waiting room! Once she gets in and gets undressed she loves playing with all of the toys. She did great and showed them how she can get on all fours. We really need to work on transitioning from sitting to lying and visa versa. Her therapists don't seem to concerned at this point, but honestly...I AM! Not because I think she won't do it, I know she will, but because when she wants to get out of the sitting position she falls and always hits her head. I can't be there to catch her everytime and often sitting results in crying! I'm trying hard to work on this with her, but really Lisa (main OT) wants her to get the hang of sitting up from lying first. She's very close to getting up with righty, she needs only a tiny bit of support at her hips. Lefty, doesn't have the strengh yet to push up...but hopefully soon!


Kiera Beth said...

Yogurt - how fun!! I am glad that the rash was nothing more serious.

That is great that she can almost transition to sitting! Yay Leah!

North Dakota Ward's said...

I am so glad that you started a blog!!! I love reading everyones BLOGS! She is doing SUPER good!!!