Thursday, May 21, 2009

What A Sight!

Today Leah got her cast removed and a new one placed on. At first I was pretty disappointed that we had to remove it and I really wanted it to just be left on for the whole time. But today, I was very happy we removed it, it was really smelly! Plus, once removed we noticed that Leah had a bit of a heat rash under the cast. We were able to wash her arm (with lots of soap!) and then we put some baby powder on it to help with the rash. It went away pretty much, so we decided to go ahead with the casting.

The casting specialist and our OT have been using Leah as a guinea pig and trying out some different materials. The first round we used a thinner material, which made removing the cast very easy with scissors! So, we didn't have to use the saw...woo hoo! The material we used this time, is peel-off. So next week when we are ready to remove it, they will literally just unravel the whole thing! Works for me, again I'm thrilled with no saw!

So, Leah got the cast removed and I took her to wash her stinky arm. While we were there she started playing in the sink, she took her left (effected) hand and started washing her right with it! She was playing in the water with 2 hands, but mainly using her left! It was the best sight!! I mean after ONE week, that is the results we are seeing--AMAZING! I am fully aware that had she been out of the cast longer she may not continue to use it that much, but even the awareness she has been gaining is HUGE! I'm so impressed with constraint induced movement therapy right now! This is so exciting!!!


Popcorn House said...

WHOO HOO! Sammy did the same thing after his cast was removed for 6-8 hours he really led with his left hand, kept feeding himself with his left hand. I was like ????? But then he went back to totally being a right handed man. Still crazy how much he has gained from this experience. If there is something on his left side he uses his left hand to grab it. Food/toys whatever. And so much more fluid in his movements.

I agree it is a great therapy. I actually can't wait to cast again hopefully in the fall sometime.

The Andersons said...

Yeah! Congrats on the progress... I can't wait for Wells to be old enough to cast, right now all we can do is hold his left arm when he plays, and that does nothing more than really agitate him. Oh well, we are just learning how really difficult this is all gonna be. Anyway, good luck with this week, and pray that the cast doesn't get to stinky.

kara said...

Thats great!! Sounds like she is improving so much!! Hopfully she wont get too stinky this time! lol

Erin said...

That is great news! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!