Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

1) I'm feeling good about casting Leah this week. Nervous, very very nervous but overall good. The hardest part will be getting the cast on, I know Leah is going to hate it.

2) I'm praying that after this round we get some sort of active grasp. She is so close and I'm so afraid that we are going to hit the point where it's too late for her to develop a grasp. Our OT has assured us that it is not too late...but I can't help but be worried.

3) I'm loving that Leah is walking and am looking so forward to summer! We already go to parks and ice cream all the time and it's just so much fun!

4) Leah does not want to sit in the stroller or cart anymore, this makes shopping VERY difficult!!

5) Leah loves to run! I must say while I am thrilled with her gait while walking, her gait while running is far from graceful. It's almost as if you can see her mind working faster then her legs which usually results in her falling! Lots of scraped knees and boo-boos already!

6) Leah loves to march and jump these days!! She can't exactly get off the ground when she jumps, but boy is it funny to watch!

7) We have settled nicely into our new place. We are living in a condo building now and we are right across the hall from our good friends who have a daughter a bit older then Leah. They are adorable together!

8) Leah is doing great in her braces. I keep them on for most of the day. I find that she falls so much more without them.

9) I need to update my blog more frequently! Maybe it's the nicer weather (or the fact that everyone is on facebook!), but I just haven't been in the mood to update lately!

10) Mother's Day was great! We took Leah to see Sesame Street Live. It was great!! Leah LOVED it!!! She was screaming with excitement! Then we went to a BBQ with my family, where Leah and Avi got me a new laptop! Yay!

Wish us luck with the casting!! I'll update after we get the cast! Ahhh, I'm nervous...but excited!


Popcorn House said...

Keep me posted on the casting!

I agree I may take a blogging summer vacation. Just not as blog crazy as I was. Which is sad because I LOVE LOOKING BACK! But Sammy is kind of caught up in most areas, so I don't really have much to report. Yes, he needs help walking up the stairs and he can only jump on one foot, but hey that isn't the end of the world.

RUNNING! I wish I could tell you that in a few months she will look better running. Sammy never falls anymore walking or running. But he doesn't look very good doing it. For Sammy it isn't so much his legs, it is he caulks up his left arm in his birdie wing and it looks a bit uncoordinated to say the least. But again THEY ARE RUNNING! NO COMPLAINTS RIGHT?

I miss your blog post.....but I totally understand. Glad the move went well for you guys!