Monday, January 19, 2009

"Look Mom, TWO hands!"

Last week, Leah had the best OT session in a long time! Her OT kept saying that once she walking more her OT sessions would get better and sure enough they did! Let's hope it continues to progress! I've been seeing "lefty" do some pretty awesome things lately, so that is great!

As for walking--I'm still hesitant to call it that--Leah is doing great though! She has amazing control of her balance! She will go about 10-15 steps before loosing control! I love watching her walk! It's just too cute!


Kiera Beth said...

Congratulations! She is getting so big and she is so cute! She will be walking everywhere before you know it :)

Popcorn House said...

I love seeing her push the stroller with TWO hands. What a big girl. She is so cute!

Ellen said...

What a wonderful sight!!! For the longest time, Max didn't want to use his right hand. But then we started horseback riding therapy, and he learned to grasp the saddle with two hands. I still remember how exciting that was, so I know how you're feeling. And great news about the walking, too!!! Call it that, definitely!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved watching Leah walk. She has the walking thing down pat and with more practice she will be walking all the time and then you will be running after her! Can hardly wait, eh? She is such a beautiful little girl!
Bennett's grandma