Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's New?

Well, things sure have been crazy at our house lately!

Both Avi's laptop and my laptop decided to not work for us! Ok....the truth is I accidentally dropped Avi's laptop...ekkk and it completely died. So, we ended up getting him a new laptop. Mine on the other hand needs more RAM--basically I have too many pictures on it! So, until we get more RAM, I'm going to have to try and steal Avi's laptop to blog--although, considering what happened with his last one he's not so quick to give it up!

As for Leah, she's doing great! She's starting to trust her legs a bit more and almost testing them to make sure she is safe. She's still really letting go a lot more! We didn't have PT last week and are missing this week, so I have not even been able to update our PT! As for Leah's brace...I'm hoping our EI service coordinator is working on getting the paper work to go through, so we can Leah's brace. Early Intervention is really a wonderful organization, but geez sometimes they are so incredibly slow! Our coordinator has the hardest time calling back, I understand she is busy, but a return call every once in awhile would be nice!

We have also recently decided to cut down OT to once a week. You'd think that would mean that Leah is doing so unbelievably that she only needs it once a week...WRONG! We are cutting it down because Leah is completely un-interested in OT. She doesn't want to be pinned down, she doesn't want to be forced into using lefty, she just wants to go, go, go. We've been doing twice a week OT for awhile now and with the casting our OT sessions have been pretty intense. So, we decided that we need to just take a break for a bit and just have our OT come here once a week. I think this is only for the next couple of weeks and then we'll start back up at twice a week again. OT has become such a struggle that I think we were all feeling completely overwhelmed with it. I'm hoping that once Leah starts walking things will be a bit easier, but for some reason I just can't imagine it being. I think only when she really understands verbal commands that is when she'll sit through therapy...that and lots of bribes! :)

I think that's about it! We will be going to New York this weekend, so I can't promise that I'll get to blog! But, keep on checking and I'll be back soon!


Ellen said...

Hi again! I know, it's tough sometimes to engage the kids in OT. I've found that it's much easier to trick Max into doing OT-like stuff when I play with him! For example, we just discovered these great bulb-like crayons made by Alex that he can hold and that he enjoys using. Basically, if we make therapy about playing, he will engage. Max is also very used to therapy, we literally got it for him when he was a month old! Good luck with all, enjoy trip to NY, it's nice here this time of year.

Barbara said...

Bennett is so busy right now with his gross motor skills. Like Leah he is totally uninterested in sitting still and working on fine motor skills. Like you I'm hoping that once he masters walking this will change but again agree that he'll still be too busy.

Erin said...

Sean went through this too. So we tried to incorporate things he liked with what she wanted to work on with him.

Does Leah like the water? Could she go to OT in water?

Anonymous said...

I think taking a break's a great idea. So many kids go through the roller coaster of being interested in OT/PT/whatever and then NOT being interested. She'll come back around soon and when she does, then maybe add it back to twice a week.

Hope you're having fun in NYC!!!

Popcorn House said...

Hope you are having fun in NYC! Keep us posted on everything. I do agree though that it gets harder once they walk but hard before they walk. :0)