Friday, December 12, 2008


As a mother of a special needs child, I often feel like I should never put limits on Leah, in turn I would never want a doctor or therapist to tell me what they think Leah won't be able to do or when she will do something.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I set these personal goals for Leah. Even though she is 14 months old and wouldn't understand anything I say, I never tell her these goals. I keep them to myself or share them with my husband, but otherwise they are my own private goals for Leah. If she doesn't meet them, it's perfectly fine--but I like to have them in mind!

With that said, One of these goals I "set" for Leah was 4 point crawling by her first birthday. Check! She 4 point crawled around 10 months!

The next one was walking by December. Well, we are already well into December...but let me tell you she will be walking VERY soon!

Leah took 5 (YES! 5!) independent steps today during our PT session! I of course cried my eyes out, watching my sweet little girl take steps towards me was one of the highlights of my life!

Leah's PT says it's only a matter of time, she just needs to slow down and find her balance before she takes off.

It's amazing!!! I'm beyond excited!

I have so much more to update, I will try to get to it over the weekend!!


sarah said...

Yeah Leah! That's so exciting! It so true too--once they take a few steps, they are off and running within the next few days. What a great holiday present!!

Popcorn House said...

I agree with Sarah. Once they figure out how to do a few boom them are off fast. It was literally two weeks after Sammy took 3-5 steps that he was walking at least 50% of the time. Then he figured out how to consistently stand back up on his own and he would just stand back up when he fell.

GO LEAH!!! That is amazing. I can't wait to see a video of her walking. She is doing everything so early. She is walking earlier then three of my five kids!!! It cracks me up she is doing so well!!!

therextras said...

WooHoo! Looking forward to the video! Barbara

Erin said...

Yeah Leah that is awesome and such a perfect gift. Congrats mommy you should be proud! I too and still do set personal goals and even thought he didn't always meet them when I wanted him to he did them all in his own time. Sean was just starting to 4 point crawl around 14 months:) And didn't walk until 19-20 months.

Leah is doing great!

Abby said...


Ellen said...

Hi! That is so exciting! You're right, it sounds like Leah is going to be walking very soon. Then, watch out!

My Max didn't do a four-point crawl till he was 2, but we were just so excited when he did. I didn't set goals, honestly--I was too afraid I'd be disappointed if Max didn't meet them. I just decided I'd let him do things at his own pace, and he has! I've learned to have a lot of patience from being his mom, something I used to lack! I feel lucky that he's progressed as he has.

Kiera Beth said...

YAY Leah! Amanda, she is doing great! That is a wonderful holiday gift for you!!

I cannot wait to see the photos! I am getting caught up on blogs! The brace may also help her with some support to provide her with that confidence to stabilize her balance!

That photo is adorable! I love seeing her all bundled up!!

I have been looking at your Facebook photos! Looks like you had a great trip!

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

YAY LEAH!!!! Congrats & WTG!

kara said...

That is amazing! look out, she will be walking around everywhere soon! It was seriously like just a couple of days after Addison took her first 5 or 6 steps, that she was walking all the time. I would say she walks at least 98% of the time now, it all happened so fast!

Barbara said...

Yay Leah!! Wonderful news - she's doing really well and I agree that the brace will probably help even more. I too look forward to the video.