Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time to Baby Proof!!!

Leah has had a skill explosion in the past 2 weeks!

*She mastered four point crawling (still army crawls about 20% of the time)

*She has started babbling a ton, Dada, Baba, Gaga, Hi...yet no Mama!!

*She has started pointing at things.

*She says "Hi" when she waves. She loves to wave to everyone in the store! The older ladies in the store love when she waves to them and they think it is an invitation to come and talk to her, this makes grocery shopping impossible! Although, I do love all the great compliments I get! ;)

*She is totally pulling up everywhere now.

*As of today, she has mastered the stairs! We have been working on the stairs in PT for a couple weeks now. Leah's PT kept saying that she doesn't expect Leah to be able to climb the stairs yet. Well, I'm pretty sure Leah heard that and was out to prove her wrong, because she mastered 8 stairs on her own today! The baby gate is now UP and there to stay!!

Sorry about the video being all over the place! I was super afraid of her falling!! Oh and just turn your head to the side while watching half of it! :) I have no idea why I turned the camera!! Again, Sorry!!


North Dakota Ward's said...

Go Leah!!! That is a great video!

Sarah said...

I told ya she'd master the stairs in no time! Geez, that was less than a week ago!

Erin said...

WAY TO GO LEAH. This is awesome!