Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Losing Battle?

Leah is still sick, although I do think she is on the tail end now! Of course, I caught what she has, but oh well--life goes on! I'm feeling ok, just congested! Anyway, I posted a few weeks ago about Leah loving bathtime. Oh boy, she loves it! She splashes, kicks and chases her ducky around. I love giving her a bath, she is so funny! EXCEPT, now she has started making bathtime very difficult for us! The only bathtub in our house has glass sliding doors, definitly not our first choice and if we buy this house they will be the first to go. The doors make is hard to give her a bath, but worst of all there is a little ridge on the side of the tub. This ridge is so annoying, 1) because it hurts to lean on, therefore making it almost impossible to wash Leah without being in pain and 2) because Leah has discovered that is makes the perfect handle to pull up on! Now the entire bathtime Leah tries to pull to up and I am constantly saying no and putting her back down. I feel like this is a losing battle and that it's only going to get worse! Once she is able to pull into standing, I have no idea how I'm going to beable to stop her! She's only 10 months and well she just doesn't care that "no" has a meaning. Leah is a smart cookie--she understands so much of what we say...except for no. Or, she understands and is just ignoring it!! The pulling up in the bath makes me so nervous! She will pull to her knees and then start to tip over. UGH! I even thought about putting her back into her baby bathtub, but that wouldn't be fun for either of us! I guess we will just have to keep telling her no and hope that she understands!!

This video is from last week, for some reason I couldn't upload it then. Anyway, I just think her "silly face" is too funny!! Please excuse the messy face, she had just ate blueberry applesauce!


Kara said...

Amanda, so sorry you guys are sick, being sick during the summer is the worst! Leahs silly face is too cute! And I love her dance moves too! Kara