Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go Leah!!

Yesterday was OT day...

When Lisa got here we were talking about how Leah's week was and if there was anything new. While we were talking I put Leah on the floor to play. I told Lisa about Sunday when Leah went a few small moves forward on all fours. She was very excited! All the sudden we look at Leah and there she goes on all fours!!!! It was like she heard what we were talking about and wanted to prove it too Lisa!!! Lisa was amazed! She said she didn't expect Leah do be 4-point crawling this soon!! AWESOME!!! GO LEAH!!

Then this morning, I was checking my email and Leah was playing on the floor with her toys. I look over to check on her and I see her standing up on her laugh and learn toy table!!! I definitely put her down sitting!! She pulled herself to standing!!!

What a week!! Yay for Leah!!!

Today we had a speech evaluation. The speech therapist would like to see Leah weekly! I was somewhat relieved and somewhat sad. I so badly wanted her to say that she didn't need ST! But, I'm glad that we are doing it sooner rather then later. I'm certain that once Leah gets a little help she will be talking my ear off! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME news!!! WOW! And don't be bummed about the speech therapy--be glad they're being proactive so she probably won't need it in the future. :)

Kiera Beth said...

Congrats on the crawling on all 4s! That is great. Too cute that she was showing off!

Thanks for letting us know about Leah and ST. I understand your mixed emotions. We are going in for Reichen's ST eval on Monday and I feel the same way

Erin said...

Amanda that is great news! WAY TO GO LEAH!!!!

Are you going through Arlington Peds for all of Leah's therapy? Sean goes to ST, OT, Aquatic OT, and PT through them.

Congrats on raising over $1000 too for the walk! Are you going to be at the picinic?


Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! I'm excited to show Leah's PT today!! :)

About the ST--I know it's better to start early, so that is what we will do! As I'm typing Leah is
"talking" my ear off! :) Little stinker!

Erin--We go through the Arlington Heights EI. Our clinic is through Evanston Northwestern Pedatric Rehab.
And yes, we will be at the picnic! Will you guys be there??