Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Physical Therapy

Today, Leah had her first physical therapy appointment through EI. It went very well. Leah was in a great mood, because she took a nice nap before! The physical therapist was the same one who evaluated Leah about a month or so ago. She was very impressed with Leah's improvements. She even said that she really didn't see any problems with Leah's leg. The only time she saw anything was when she stood Leah up and Leah locked her knee. She has been doing this for awhile, but Bernadette (PT) said that it looks like Leah is doing it less then she was before. That's great news! I'm still being optimisic that her leg will "fix itself" before she starts walking. We will now be starting PT once a week, which will be great!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, so I wanted to post today about how OT went. Leah again did a nice job and lasted almost the whole hour! She had a good nap right before therapy, which made all the difference! During therapy, we talked more about casting; Lisa (OT) thinks that Leah makes such a good candidate for it. Which makes me excited for it. I know once the time gets closer I'll be nervous, but for now the idea makes me so excited. Leah is still having a problem noticing that she has a left hand and arm. We are trying to come up with different things to put on that hand so that she pays more attention to it. She's very smart and knows what is easy, righty. We tried Leah with an immobilizer on her right arm (very similar to a cast, but plastic and removable) and she really wasn't using it at all. She didn't use lefty too much, but more then she would normally. I tried it again today when we were playing and she was able to use lefty more. She even put lefty in her mouth with out assitance. We will see how it continues.

And in other news, Leah is SO close to sitting up from lying down. She still needs a TINY bit of support, but not much at all. I know very soon she is going to get it! Very exciting!!