Monday, June 1, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging, we've been very busy!

1) Leah got recasted last Thursday. This time we used regular casting material, so that we can cut it off and bi-valve it.

2)Leah is doing amazing with the cast, I can't say enough how happy we are doing CIMT this round!

3)We saw our Physiatrist last week--she was very impressed with all that Leah was doing and said she is right on track.

4)While at the Physiatrist I asked about Leah's eyes. I have been noticing that when we play and look through something small, she is very right eye dominant and I wanted to know if that is a typical pattern or if she might have something going on with her vision. She said it is very typical, but looked at her and said she is looking with both eyes--but her left does go in a tiny bit. She is not concerned at all, but said we can take Leah to a pediatric optamologist if we see anything else.

5)The cast comes of on Thursday--we are looking forward to seeing the crossover that comes after CIMT!


kara said...

Glad everything is going so well! As far as the eyesight, we went through the same thing with Addie, we even noticed in pictures that her left sometimes looked like it was going in/out a bit so we did see a ped. optamologist, he dialated her eyes and everything turned out ok, he would like to see her yearly to keep on track. I did not think there were vision problems, but it was suggested that we just get it checked out to get a baseline of her vision, and it was a relief to know there were no issues there, one less thing to worry about! It might ease your mind if you are still worried, just to get it checked out.

Popcorn House said...

Glad things are going well for you guys! Keep us posted on how everything goes on Thursday!

Erin said...

Leah is doing great! We loved playing too it was a lot of fun. Lets get together again soon.

I can't wait to see and hear about how the casting has helped!