Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts!! We've been enjoying summer!!

Leah is LOVING the warm weather, in the past week we've been to the beach or the pool every single day! Leah is doing great in the pool, although she does fall A LOT! She doesn't always get both arms down to catch herself and more then once has gone under without wanting too! She always recovers and gets right back up and running! I'm just now noticing how much she really does fall. I think because it's summer and I've been slacking in putting on her braces (sandals are just so much easier!!), that she is a bit off balance. I'm trying to get the braces on her for at least 5 hours a day, but it's hard when we go to the pool every afternoon!

As far as a PT/OT update--there is not much to report. I'm finding PT draining, because we are not really doing anything! We are hopefully switching to in-clinic which will be better, but I honestly don't know what the PT does when she is here! I feel like the whole time we just talk (we know a lot of the same people!) and Leah runs around! I know it's just a stage and Leah doesn't need as much PT right now, but we'll continue to do it! Leah is VERY close to out growing her braces--so we are starting the LONG state process to get new ones!

OT has been going well...we've seen some great improvements and awareness in Leah's use of "lefty". She wears the bi-valved cast during every OT session, and last week attended a Constraint Induced Movement Therapy camp. Leah was the youngest one in the room but she stayed and played with the other kids nicely. It was adorable, 4 little hemi-kids all with their little casts on! I love that Leah will have this when she is a bit older and can understand that she is not that has to go through this! I wish they did that camp more often, but I think we will have to wait until next year to do it again!


Barbara said...

Enjoy your summer as much as you can. It sounds like Leah is doing really well and summer will be over before we know it. I love the picture!