Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, we've had Leah's braces for about a week and half now. She is been doing very nicely in them. She was in them today for the longest period of time yet, about 4 hours. We probably won't do more then 5 hours a day, but right now we are still watching for any skin breakage or blisters. Thankfully there have been none, so I'm hoping we are good to go with that! Leah now has 2 new pairs of shoes for her standard gym-shoe and one cute little mary-jane style gym-shoe. I LOVE the mary-jane style because it is incredibly lightweight and super easy to slip on over the braces. The gym-shoe is a bit more bulky and heavy! The only issue with the mary-jane is that Leah is able to get them off herself and once she gets them off she starts to un-do the braces. Props to Nordstroms for having a wonderful sales lady who was knowlegable about fitting braces and to them for having sizes that fit braces!!

Here she is in her braces...eating lunch! Yum!

These are the mary-jane style:
And the gym-shoe:

Here's a video of her walking with them. As I start to say in the end of the video, I probably should have moved back further!!


Kiera said...

Wow! Look at her go! She is doing so well! I love all of the shoes!

Little Dude has grown out of the pair we were using for his braces, so I need to get him out this weekend and pick up some new shoes!

Kara said...

She is doing so well! Glad to hear you found some cute shoes that will work with the braces, I have yet to find a brown pair of sandal/maryjanes for Addie.

Popcorn House said...

I am so glad that the shoes ended up working out excellent! Love the pictures and the video!!!

Barbara said...

Those are great looking shoes! She's also walking really well. Do you find the braces help?