Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evaluation Time!

The past couple of OT and PT sessions have consisted of Leah being tested for her yearly Early Intervention evaluation. There was no question in any of our minds that she would of course qualify for services, but this is just something EI has to do.

Both her OT and PT used the Peabody Developmental Motor Skills (2nd Edition) to test Leah.

I have to say, I was terrified for the results, but am feeling much more relieved after hearing them!

Last week her PT tested her, here are her scores...

Age tested at: 17 months

Stationary Skills (This sub test aims to measure the child’s ability to maintain balance or equilibrium.): 18 Months!

Locomotion Skills
(This sub test evaluates the child’s ability to move): 14 Months.

Object Manipulation (In this sub test, the object that is manipulated is the ball. This 24-item sub test involves activities such as throwing, catching, and kicking balls.): 13 Months.

I was pleasantly surprised that she scored as high as she did. Although, I must admit that I think these tests are ridiculous. They are based on a typically developing child and I can't expect Leah to be on that same level! With that said, she would have scored much higher overall had she been walking fully. She is still so close! Another reason, I think this test is ridiculous is because during the testing the PT had Leah stand while holding a ball, then she told her to throw the ball...Leah threw it but didn't extend her arm fully so she did not get the full amount of point. Uhhh, so ridiculous! Then she had Leah standing while holding the ball, told Leah to throw it and wanted her to take steps after. Well, Leah stood there threw the ball and proceeded to loose her balance and fall. She did not get any points. Ugh! Such a dumb test! Oh and she only got half a point because she needed some help going down the stairs (on her tummy), yeah well a day later she was doing it all the time with no help! Anyway, I'm happy with where she is at. All over the 12 month point! Her PT had only good things to say about her.

As for the OT testing, this was even more ridiculous! The tasks on the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales are mostly unilateral at this age. Which means Leah scoring was amazing! It's crazy because every task the OT had her do, Leah was allowed to do with her non-effected hand! Here are the results:

Age tested: 17 months

Grasping: 28 Months

Visual Motor Integration
(This sub test evaluates the child’s eye and hand coordination): 19 Months.

So, you can see that she scored REALLY well and that she is actually quite advanced with her right hand. Our OT, did say that by the next evaluation things are going to get a little bit more bilateral and require her to use 2 hands. Bilateral play comes around 2 years old.

Again, the OT had wonderful things about Leah. The overall evaluation went perfectly, I can't ask for better therapists to work with! They are so great!

Stay tuned for a post about shoes! My little monkey now got 3 new pairs of shoes in a week!! Two that actually work with the braces (and are super cute!) and one for her non-brace time! Yay!


Popcorn House said...

That is wonderful she is doing so well! I am anxious for our next round of testing, because like you said more two handed activities are expected! Sammy right hand has always been WAY above as well. Our OT says that they over compensate so well for their weaker hand. This has been true thus far.

I agree a lot of the test are just crazy! But that is awesome her balance is so good, that can be tricky for hemi's too!

Ellen said...

Well, that is pretty amazing!

Max's left hand is his good hand, his right hand is the one that he has a lot more trouble using, but he's gotten a little bit better about using both.

Erin said...

Amanda that is great. Although those test are crazy and have them do weird things it is always nice to know the positives of what the therapists think. She will continue to amaze you every day. See you tomorrow!