Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have FINALLY been approved for Leah's braces!!! Thankfully it didn't take too (only a month as opposed to 2 months)long! Tomorrow, Leah will be casted for the braces (AFO on her left and SMO on her right), let's hope she sits nicely for the lady. We are fortunate to be able to do it out of our house and have the PT come here to do it. So, I'll plop Leah in front of the TV and hope that Barney or Elmo takes her attention off of what the therapist is doing. I'm looking forward to picking out the patterns and colors, hey--if my baby has to wear braces you better believe they are going to be the cutest darn braces you've ever seen! After tomorrow, we wait another week or two and then the braces should be here!

I'm getting nervous about finding shoes for Leah. She has never had a pair of real shoes and my PT has warned us that finding shoes to fit over the braces could be difficult! I'm hoping that I can find some good (and cute!) shoes easily once we get the braces!


Erin said...

Hey Amanda this is AWESOME and so FAST. WOW!

I heard new balance will let you by two different size shoes if you need to. I know Sarah blogged about it too.

I hope you find the cutest braces ever for the cutest little girl. Let us know what you pick!

Popcorn House said...

YAH! That is great that the wait was not as long as you had expected.

As far as shoes, my only advice is be patient. It was hard for me to find shoes that worked. And frustrating cause I have all of Joseph's shoes that totally don't work for Sammy. I was super close to buying the special shoes they make, but finally I have found shoes that work. Look for lower top athletic type shoes. Though I have read for girls Mary Janes work really well too. TAKE PICTURES!!

Barbara said...

I'm so glad the process will be so quick for you! I found the casting process to be pretty quick and easy. As for the shoes - I've had a hard time finding them. Good luck and keep us posted!

kara said...

Glad to hear things are moving along in the brace department. As far as shoes, sketchers work very well, I have heard good things about NB as well, crocs have worked well for us too, and right now she has a pair of Nike's that are wide width, and they work great, I have also heard good things about stride rite, and some of them are pretty cute!