Sunday, November 16, 2008


Leah's language has really taken off lately! She has between 6-8 words that she says on a consistent basis. Most of these words are "B" sounding words;ball, bubbles, Bar(for Barney--ekk!), Abba(what she calls her Daddy). Well, she has started to just babble and talk about everything. She says "Hi" when you pick up the phone and she'll also say "who's there"! So, cute!

Whenever Leah has therapy, I'm always telling her which therapist we are seeing and if we are going to the clinic or they are coming here. We see Lisa, Leah's OT, twice a week--so I feel like I'm always talking about her. I'll say, we are going to go see Lisa, or guess who's coming Lisa! Leah always looks around for Lisa, whenever I say her name. So, last week we had OT here and I was telling Leah that Lisa was coming...well, Leah looks at me and goes YEEE-TAHHHH. It was clear as day that she had said Lisa. The rest of the morning she crawled around saying yee-tah!! It was terribly cute!! I STILL can't believe she says Lisa before she says Mama!

I've decided she's waiting to make saying Mama extra special--I think she's going to walk and say Mama on the same day! Wouldn't that be awesome!?!


Erin said...

Yeah Leah, that is great, She will say Mama in no time:)

North Dakota Ward's said...

My girls all said DADDY for a long time before me. My mom would tell me that the girls didn't need to say my name because they were always with me all the time. But were waiting for Daddy to come home etc.

That is awesome she is talking so much!!! GO LEAH!!!

kara said...

That is so cute! You wont be able to keep her quiet soon.

P.S. I'm still waiting for that long email you promised me the other night! LOL =) Just kidding, when ever you get a chance!