Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots O' Videos!

This Thursday, we are going to see Leah's physiatrist (rehab doctor). I'm really looking forward to seeing her again and I'm even more looking forward to showing off Leah's progress! I have my list of questions that I have been working on and I'm armed and ready to discuss some pretty serious things..i.e. The b-b-brace, The MMR and CIMT among other things. Today in OT, I decided to take videos of Leah with her bi-valved cast on. I took a bunch of videos, because I know once we are at the appointment and I'm talking about how Leah can do something, she won't do it. Of course she won't do it! Kids never "perform" when you want them too! It's like when we are in the grocery store, the check out lady always waves to Leah, and I say "Leah, can you say bye bye" (which she knows full well means to wave bye bye), but nooo...only when we are out the door long gone from the sales lady does she wave bye bye! So, we took videos and lots of them! I thought I would post them here too...

Video 1--Here Lisa (OT) was trying to show how Leah's range of motion has increased. You can see how she reaches up high to get the button! The toy is incredibly motivating for Leah and incredibly annoying for everyone else in the room! :)

Video 2-Here, you can see that she really wants to grab the puppies but just doesn't have the grasp yet. Lisa tried to place it in Leah's hand, but Leah is now having trouble closing her hand around objects. She's either very fisted or too relaxed--and she goes to both extremes in either of those positions. Also, at the end you can see that she got silly and tried to use her mouth!

Video 3-Here you can see some focused movements in standing, but really she was much more interested in dancing!

Video 4-This video was taken at the end of our hour long session, you can tell that Leah wasn't into participating as much. She does manage to reach up to get the balls off of the mirror a couple times though.

To end our day today, Leah and I went to the produce store near our house. There is always a very friendly lady who works there and I always go to her lane. While in the lane she was talking to Leah and smiling at her. The sales lady in the next check out lane looked over and asked Leah for a high five. She was on Leah's left side, I know Leah knows how to do high fives with her right hand, but to my surprise she lifted lefty up and slapped her a high five! I think I yelled out a pretty loud cheer when she did that! The lady probably thought I was crazy! It's just amazing to me that without prompting, without restraint she thought to use lefty. It makes me so incredibly happy.


Kiera Beth said...

That is great news about the high five! isn't it great when the kiddos surprise us???

Those are wonderful videos and really give a feel for what she is doing now. I am so impressed with her range of motion.

Let us know how the appointment goes

North Dakota Ward's said...

That is wonderful about the high five! I like you like to take LOTS of videos, it is so fun to go back and see all the progress that they make. She is doing SO well, I enjoyed watching the bivalve cast too.

Let us know how the appointment goes!!!

Erin said...

That is wonderful and awesome about the high five. Our littles amaze us daily don't they:)

Those are great videos and an awesome idea keep us posted on how the appointment goes.

She is doing SO WELL. Where do you go for therapy? Is it at the hospital?

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone!

Erin--We got to Evanston Northwestern (or North Shore now...since they changed the name) Pediatric Rehab Clinic. We have only 1 session there and then our OT comes to us. It's all through EI. I wish we could do it all at the clinic, Leah gets so easily distracted at home! :)

kara said...

These videos are terrific, I love to see this stuff. the high five is amazing! Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes.

mandy said...

She did such a great job! Thanks for the videos, it helps give me some ideas to do too!