Friday, August 14, 2009


We have been talking about doing some E-Stim once Leah turns 2. Her OT wants to do it in her hand/arm and PT would like to so some in her calf.

Has anyone ever done E-Stim before? Or heard anything positive or negative before?

They basically said they hook up the "tickle machine" to Leah and send small electrically currents to her muscles. They said that I would be able to try the machine on me before, so that I know how it feels.

I'd love to hear of any experiences with E-Stim! Thanks!


Popcorn House said...

We did it a few times and Sammy hated it. "Mom owie, mom owie, mom urt". They put it on me and it was NOT tickle that is for sure. I mean it didn't hurt but it was strange, and I don't blame Sam for not liking it. I hear it does really work though if you can get them to tolerate it. Our PT said that some kids it doesn't bother as much because they have a decrease sense of sensation.....this was not true for Samuel. But keinso taping we LOVE that! That works awesome for Sam. GOOD LUCK!!

Kiera Beth said...

We have not done it, but I would love to hear how it goes for you guys if you decide to do it.

Erin said...

We have not but I would be curious to hear all about it. Are you going to do it? We love keinso taping and it doesn't bother Sean.

Good luck!


Erin said...

The 8 year old I nanny for does e-stim. I'm not sure how long she's done it for now, but at least for the year I've been with their family.

It's amazing to see it work on the muscles (she does it on her leg)! If she hasn't been doing it regularly then her normal setting can be painful, but other than she doesn't complain about pain or anything.

It does help though. She does it once a week at PT and then we do it once more per week at home. I think her PT would like to see more use, but it's really hard to squeeze that in!

Good luck!