Friday, April 24, 2009

We're back!!

Wow. It's been awhile since I've blogged! I now have to get back into blogging mode and get everything together!

After a wonderful trip to Florida and a move, life has been crazy!

Leah has been great through-out! She is not worlds best traveler and while in Florida had a hard time sleeping, but once we got home she went right back into her schedule! Then a week later we move and she is once again thrown off! We are slowly trying to get back on schedule!

Leah is now 100% walking, in fact she has taken a liking to running recently! She still falls a lot and has a noticeable limp without her braces on, but once in the braces she looks great!

We have definitely seen some carry-over from her time spent in her AFO/SMO and she is not locking her knee as much or toe-walking, which is wonderful! She has been doing A LOT of squating, kicking and climbing lately! I'm thrilled with her large motor progress! I, of course, worry about the limp not getting better but I'm hopeful that with time it will!

We have not had much in the way of OT lately. Leah's OT went out of the country on vacation for 2 weeks, then we went away, then we moved and in between all of that we've gotten to see Lisa once! :( I'm hoping next week to get back to our regular schedule!

I know when I see her next week we are going to really be discussing Constraint Induced Movement Therapy. I'm thinking we will probably be casting Leah as soon as the following week! Wow! I'm excited and nervous! I'm just hoping we have a more positive experience then the first time! I CAN'T wait to see the results! Leah is just SO close to an active grasp that my only hope with the CIMT this time is to get even a little bit closer (if not get it completely!).

Leah is 19 months old this week and I can't believe it! She is really not a baby anymore! She talks up a storm and definitely has quite a personality! She knows what she wants, when she wants it and is not afraid to let us know! She's an absolute red head! But she is also so loving and caring! I'm really enjoying watching her play with her baby dolls. She feeds them, rocks them and my favorite gives them kisses! It's so sweet and I love seeing her imagination! It's great!!

I hope to be back to regularly posting now that things are a bit more settled down!

My computer is not working and Avi's has no pictures or recent videos on it, so hopefully soon I'll be able to post some new ones!


Popcorn House said...

It has been a long time! I have missed you!

So glad to read the update! I am so excited for Leah to start constraint again. I really do think it will be a more positive experience now that she is not so focused on gross motor skills.

Sammy totally surprised us yesterday by holding a open cup with his lefty hand. I NEVER thought we would come so far. Now I am just scared that we will go backwards when the cast is removed. Crossing our fingers!

When Sammy first started walking he had more of a limp then he does now. If he is just walking he doesn't have a limp at all really. Running is a different story LOL! I think with time those muscles will get stronger and we will see less and less of that. Glad the braces are working so well for you guys.

Keep updates coming.

Ellen said...

Welcome back! Leah is doing so well! I am glad she is really getting around.

Erin said...

Welcome back I am so happy everyone enjoyed Florida can not wait to see pics!

Leah is doing so well I am sure she is keeping you extra busy these days! Lets get together soon!

Barbara said...

Welcome back - it sounds like Leah is doing really well! I'm looking forward to pictures.